30 May 2012, Savusavu

Oh my Goodness. I’ve woken up in Savusavu and the dream has become a wet one!!!!!!!!!!! No joke. It’s bucketing down . We are moored in a bay with about 25 other big experienced looking sloopy cruising type vessels and no one at 9am has seemed to move. Ken is full of reports like the wind is swinging and tomorrow’s forecast is 20 knots , now it’s from the south etc etc .. all which galvanise in me a resolve to understand one day what my earnest reply should be. For now I nod knowingly and look busy. We are presently scribbling away on board Ressie before zipping over to our new kiwi friends for ‘sundowners’. Oooh so far it’s so easy and fun. The day has drifted between showers and 30 shades of plain greyness but everything is so new I don’t care. The market shopping is beyond my wildest dreams. Today’s papaya was as sweet as a mango and last night’s swanky meal at the yacht club was sensational. No need to cook anything. The curries are fab and prices cheap cheap. I’m so happy about that!! We coffeed this arvo at the posh Jean- Michel Cousteau’s resort about 10km away. Ooh la la .. many reminders of beautiful Balinese resorts. The wives who are flying in next week are in for a treat. I CAN”T wait to take you!! Over and out now. Capt. Ken suggested I don’t write a ‘book’ as no one is interested. Humph I say. He defs misses his crew of Animal Pornstar and Harssle … but is trying hard to be sweet and caring in this early stage of our 2nd HMoon. Now over and out again. Photos from the coffee at rather swish resort. Over and out again! x

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