Yes, you read it right.  After months of being AWOL, guru productions has been found, resuscitated and forced back onto the editing floor.  Here is what came out:

VIDEO 1: Grenada to the Panama Canal – with Noni, Tim and Janice, then Bernardus and Karsten, and finally Mike and Prue.  We left Grenada in December 2018, joined the world ARC fleet in St Lucia and then sailed to Columbia, the San Blas Islands and finally through the Panama Canal.  Here it is:

VIDEO 2:  Ken decides to sail solo – from Panama to the Marquesas.  It is 4,000 nm and 22 days.  If you are not a sailor you might want to skip this one…  He drones on a bit!

VIDEO 3: Ressie rejoins the World ARC fleet and we frolic in stunning French Polynesia, sailing from the Marquesas to the Tuamotus with Gail and Rachel, and then the Society Islands with Chris and Megan


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