After 4 years of exploring the South Pacific, we decided it was time to venture further afield. We decided to join the World ARC fleet, and it was a fantastic decision. Simply, we loved the whole adventure.  Ressie sailed north from Sydney, and joined the fleet in Darwin.  It was a mighty adventure, not easily captured in a few short sentences, but for those who are interested, perhaps a couple of the videos will give you a taste of it.

First up is the leg from Darwin to Lombok, and then onto Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling.

We made our way from Cocos Keeling across the Indian Ocean to stunning Mauritius and Union Island, and then onto South Africa. From a sailing perspective, sailing the south coast of South Africa was an absolute highlight – forbidding and unforgiving, harsh and beautiful.

From there we sailed up the Namibia coast and then on to St Helena and Brazil.

Our final major leg was from Brazil to Grenada.  Take a look: