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Ciao, Amigos

The party’s over!  What?  Why? How?  It turns out that finishing a World ARC rally is as surreal as the rest of trip.  That feeling: ‘it-can’t-possibly-be-true’ has morphed into ‘it-can’t-possibly-be-over’. RESTING AT LAST – THE FLEET IN ST LUCIA     THE LAST HARRAH Then again, if we have to […]

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The Far Side of the World

SOMETIME IN LATE 2010 <phone call> Capt K:  Hi darling!  How are you? Cup:  Fine, fine, but where are you? Capt K: Grenada! Cup: Spain? Why? Capt. K: Not exactly. The Caribbean, honey. Dreadlocks, rum punch and that wonderful weed.  Cup:   You didn’t! Capt K: (all innocence) What, my […]

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