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The many lives of Ressie, the cat

Well, we got the cat purring. Ressie records of feline fantasies falling fabulously: fastest movement, Maverick at 14.8; fastest douche, Harsol at 19.3 (suck it up Glenda); fastest mounted wave, Pornstar at 19.8. But how far can you cajole a cat?  A ground-breaking 261 miles in a day, apparently, says […]

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Reefing, guru-style

SO.  There we were.  Rolling along at a comfortable clip, Capt. K waxing lyrical (again….) about cutter rigs in general, and Ressie’s gorgeous gennie in particular. Blah, blah, blah.. Its getting fresh.  Time to reef then.  A simple matter of pressing that magical power-winch button as we ease the sheet.  Grind, […]

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