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Reunion in Reunion

Take a piece of New Zealand, drag it north into the tropics; drop in an eclectic mix of ethnicities, colours and shapes; add a twist of essence of France; top with a dollop of EU funding.  What a place – proof that multi-ethnicity, multi-religion societies can truly function; a marvellous […]

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Mid-sea surprise

The fleet is in.  Welcome Mauritius!!  Dressed in colourful flags, we have become something of an attraction for tourists and locals alike.  Where have you come from?  Where are you headed? What was the scariest moment?  That last one is easy to answer….. When we were about two thirds of the […]

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Janice visits the Christmas Island Detention Centre with Gail, Rachel and Ken. Here is what she says: Just a little blog snippet from our yachtie visit to the Christmas Island Detention Centre. Thursday Sept 22nd, 2016 In the weeks preceding the visit, I had to work really hard to make sure the forms were […]

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