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Vive le Ressie!

21 May 2013, Port Moselle Crew des filles “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!” squealed Cup into the VHF radio as Resolute hit the lead in the Great Lagoon Regatta. Les Obstacles: French race briefing (we got lost), French barging (we got scared), French wine (we got pissed), French dancing […]

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Gurus dans Paradis

08 May 2013, Nouvelle Caledonie Capt Tueur Ou est les Guru? Paradis, d’accor! Le Band du Guru is preparing for le grande finale!! Se Soir. Animaux is chef de mission – relentlessly researching bars de nuit. HarSol is le interprete – fracturing frenetic french with savoir faire. Star du Porn […]

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gurus go east

02 May 2013, somewhere in the south pacific Once upon a time, many wild nights ago, Animaux (a very young, naïve guru) – fell in a vat of overproof rum. From then on, rum flowed in his veins, and as Animaux the boy became Animaux the man, it fuelled his […]

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