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First day in hibiscus heaven

30 May 2012, Savusavu Oh my Goodness. I’ve woken up in Savusavu and the dream has become a wet one!!!!!!!!!!! No joke. It’s bucketing down . We are moored in a bay with about 25 other big experienced looking sloopy cruising type vessels and no one at 9am has seemed […]

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Rush Hour on the Pacific Highway

21 May 2012 Don’t you hate Mondays! River Road traffic sucks….. This morning was hell – 9 knot average to the office… Fire up the old sat. phone, check the inbox. What, not needed? Again? Well, there’s always the late morning Pilates class….. Feeling firm. We took a plunge in […]

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Around Town

20 May 2012, Naked Eye What was renowned “Captain Ken” doing dining with underworld icons Mad Mike, Pornstar Bill and Harsol John? Clearly the story of the night, Naked Eye tailed the infamous four to none other than that latest hot spot, the Pacific pussyCAT bar. And why such riotous […]

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