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14 April 2012, Sydney Harbour Gleaming. Glowing. Glistening…. Has she been botoxed? Resolute never looked better, that’s for sure. That infinitely long to-do list has been decimated after a week at Newport Marine Services (thanks guys!). Now for the really big issues. Sashimi knife? Check. Musical instruments? Check. Coffee machine?

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10 April 2012, Pittwater All systems go… a quick blast north in a 25kt southerly last Saturday convinced the Gurus that Resolute is indeed ‘a goer’. Today she went up on the slip – after some tense manouvering of a 26 foot wide boat into a 27 foot wide pen, […]

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Getting Ready!

02 April 2012, Sydney The self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ (our motley crew for the Sydney-Fiji leg) have had our first ‘Board Meeting’ in Mike’s boat shed. Equal parts inspired (lots of stirring ‘bucket list’ comments) and daunted (what, no life raft?), the boys managed to write an impressive to-do list. With an […]

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